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We offer a diverse range of firearm training courses designed to empower shooters of all experience levels. Explore our comprehensive couses below and find the right class for you, led by instructors you can trust.

Our Courses

Handgun I

Build Your Foundation: Introduction to Safe Pistol Handling

This beginner-friendly course equips you with the knowledge and skills for safe and responsible pistol ownership.
  • Safety First: Review the 4 cardinal rules of firearm safety for a strong foundation.
  • Gearing Up: Learn how to select the right handgun and gear for your needs.
  • Fundamentals Refresher: Brush up on basic pistol handling techniques.
  • Safe Handling: Master loading/unloading procedures and chamber checks.
  • Presentation from Low Ready: Practice safe and efficient drawing from a low ready position.
  • Maintaining Your Firearm: Learn proper cleaning and storage techniques to keep your pistol in top condition.
  • Dry Fire Practice: Discover effective dry practice routines to improve your skills without live ammunition.

Handgun II

Pistol Skills - Sharpen Your Focus

Elevate your pistol proficiency with this targeted course.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Handgun 1 class

  • Safety & Fundamentals Review: Reinforce safe handling practices and essential techniques.
  • Loading/Unloading & Chamber Checks: Master safe procedures for handling and situational awareness.
  • Presentations: Practice efficient drawing from both low ready and low port positions.
  • Emergency Reloads: Train in performing quick and effective reloads in critical situations.
  • Malfunction Clearing: Learn to confidently clear common malfunctions.
  • Accuracy Standards: Set and track your progress towards improved shot placement.
  • Target Engagement: Master drills involving single and multiple shot placements on static targets.
  • Rhythm Shooting: Develop a steady rhythm for improved accuracy and control.

Handgun III

Sharpen your foundational skills and build confidence with your pistol.

This comprehensive course refreshes your knowledge of safe firearm handling and hones essential techniques:

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Handgun 1-2 classes.

  • Safety Review: Reinforce safe handling practices to ensure responsible gun ownership.
  • Loading/Unloading & Chamber Checks: Master proper procedures for safe handling and situational awareness.
  • Reloading Techniques: Learn emergency, tactical, and speed reloads for various scenarios.
  • Presentations from Ready Positions: Practice smooth presentations from different positions for efficient target acquisition.
  • Sight Picture & Trigger Control: Develop a clear sight picture and refined trigger control for improved accuracy.
  • Malfunction Clearing: Train to effectively clear common malfunctions and keep your firearm functioning.
  • Ambidextrous Shooting: Enhance your proficiency with both strong and weak hand shooting.
  • Accuracy & Speed Standards: Establish benchmarks for your shooting skills and track progress.
  • Drawing Techniques: Review proper drawing procedures for safe and efficient firearm deployment.

Handgun IV

Level Up Your Skills: Defensive Pistol Dynamics

This dynamic course takes your pistol skills from the range to real-world scenarios. Following a safety review, we'll dive into practical applications through:

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Handgun 1-3 classes.

  • Safety First: Reinforce safe firearm handling practices before dynamic drills.
  • Manipulations Review: Master loading/unloading, clearing malfunctions, and various reload techniques.
  • Drawing from Various Carry Positions: Practice safe and efficient drawing from both open carry and concealed holsters.
  • Cover Utilization: Learn to effectively utilize cover (basic and practical applications) during defensive situations.
  • Movement & Shooting: Master turning movements, moving while shooting, and shooting on the move for dynamic encounters.
  • Ambidextrous Shooting: Enhance your proficiency with both strong and weak hand shooting.
  • Field Courses: Put your newly acquired skills to the test in simulated real-world scenarios.

Low Light

Master Low-Light Shooting: Pistol & Weaponlights

Sharpen your skills in low-light situations with this comprehensive course.
  • Safety & Review: Reinforce safe handling practices and revisit basic manipulations.
  • Ready Positions Revisited: Practice effective presentations from various ready positions under low-light conditions.
  • Malfunction Drills in the Dark: Train to confidently clear malfunctions in low-light scenarios.
  • Weaponlight Selection: Learn about different flashlight options for handguns, including handheld and mounted models.
  • Illumination Techniques: Master the principles of using a light effectively for target identification and situational awareness.
  • Dry Fire Drills: Develop muscle memory for safe and efficient handling with a handheld light.
  • Live Fire with Handheld: Transition to live-fire drills using handheld lighting techniques.
  • Mastering Weaponlights: Train with dry and live fire exercises using a handgun-mounted light.

Introduction to Sporting Clays

Take your first steps towards becoming a clay-crushing champion!

This introductory course covers everything you need to know to get started with sporting clays:
  • Safety First: Learn essential range safety protocols and proper gun handling etiquette.
  • Shotgun Fundamentals: Grasp the basics of shotgun operation and function.
  • Form & Fit: Master proper stance, grip, and positioning for optimal control.
  • Leading the Way: Understand the concept of lead and different lead techniques for various targets.
  • Eye on the Prize: Determine your eye dominance and its impact on shooting.
  • Ammo Awareness: Explore different ammunition types and their applications.
  • Target Talk: Learn to read and understand various clay target presentations.
  • Calling for the Bird: Discover proper commands for controlling the target release.
  • Mounting Mastery: Practice smooth and efficient shotgun mounting techniques.
  • Hold & Break: Develop a steady hold point and refine your trigger control for clean breaks.
  • Swinging for Success: Master the art of swinging the shotgun smoothly through the target.
  • Shotgun Selection: Gain insights into choosing the right shotgun for your shooting style and clay disciplines.

Concealed Carry

Equip Yourself for Everyday Protection

This course prepares you to safely and responsibly carry a concealed firearm for self-defense.
  • What you'll learn:

    • Concealed Carry Laws & Regulations: Understand the legal framework surrounding concealed carry in your state, including permit requirements, restrictions, and use of force laws.
    • Safe Handling & Mindset: Refine your firearm safety practices and develop a responsible mindset for carrying a concealed weapon. This includes situational awareness, de-escalation strategies, and the legal and ethical implications of using force.
    • Concealment Tactics & Gear Selection: Explore different concealment methods and discover how to choose the right holster, clothing, and accessories for comfortable and discreet carry that suits your lifestyle.
    • Live-Fire Qualification: Demonstrate your proficiency in safe and responsible handling through a live-fire qualification course. This is required to obtain your Concealed Carry Permit (CCP) .

    Upon successful completion, you'll receive a course completion certificate that may be used to apply for your CCP.

Couples Class

Strengthen Your Bond & Confidence: Couples Basic Pistol Course

This couples-oriented course provides a fun and engaging environment for you and your partner to learn essential pistol skills. It's perfect for couples who are new to firearms or want to develop their skills together.

What you'll learn:

  • Firearm Safety Fundamentals: Reinforce the four cardinal rules of safe gun handling and build a strong safety foundation.
  • Parts & Operation: Understand the basic components and operation of a pistol.
  • Proper Grip & Stance: Master a comfortable and stable grip and stance for optimal control.
  • Loading/Unloading & Chamber Checks: Learn safe procedures for handling and maintaining situational awareness.
  • Sight Picture & Trigger Control: Develop a clear sight picture and refined trigger control for improved accuracy.
  • Live-Fire Practice: Put your newfound knowledge into practice in a safe and controlled range environment, with instructors providing personalized guidance.
  • Communication & Teamwork: Learn to effectively communicate and work together when handling firearms, fostering trust and confidence as a team.

Carbine Maintenance

Master Your Carbine: In-Depth Maintenance and Function

This comprehensive carbine maintenance class equips you with the knowledge and skills to keep your carbine functioning flawlessly.

What you'll learn:

  • Safety First: Review essential safety protocols and proper weapons handling techniques.
  • Detailed Carbine Check: Learn how to thoroughly inspect and clear your carbine for safe disassembly.
  • Field Stripping & Reassembly: Master the process of field stripping your carbine into major components and reassembling it correctly.
  • Parts & Operation Breakdown: Gain a deep understanding of your carbine's parts and the cycle of operation.
  • Cleaning & Maintenance Techniques: Learn proper cleaning, lubrication, and inspection procedures for optimal performance.
  • Function Check: Verify proper operation of your carbine after reassembly.


  • Functional carbine
  • Safety glasses
  • AR-15 specific cleaning kit

Important Note: Live ammunition and concealed firearms are strictly prohibited in the classroom.

Carbine I

Level Up: Introduction to Carbine Fundamentals

This course provides a solid foundation for confident carbine handling and marksmanship.

What you'll learn:

  • Safety First: Reinforce safe firearm handling practices and range etiquette through a comprehensive safety review and briefing.
  • Building a Strong Base: Refresh your knowledge of carbine fundamentals, including proper grip, stance, and firing positions.
  • Knowing Your Carbine: Learn carbine nomenclature (naming of parts) and understand its unique handling characteristics.
  • Safe Handling Procedures: Master safe loading/unloading, chamber checking, and clearing techniques for your carbine.
  • Dialing It In: Explore sighting systems (iron sights, red dots, scopes) and practice sighting in/zeroing your carbine for optimal accuracy.
  • Zeroing Techniques: Learn various zeroing methods and apply them to achieve proper sight alignment.
  • Engaging Your Target: Practice target engagement from a low ready position, developing smooth transitions and accurate shot placement.


  • 100 rounds minimum
  • All shooting courses at a minimum; Proper range attire, eye/ear protection, functioning carbine with 1 type of sight(s).


Carbine II

Elevate Your Carbine Skills: Carbine 2 - Advanced Handling & Tactics

This course builds upon your Carbine 1 skills, taking your carbine proficiency to the next level.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Carbine 1 class (brief overview provided).

  • What you'll learn:

    • Safety Reemphasized: Reinforce safe firearm handling practices through a safety review and range briefing.
    • Zero Confidence: Confirm your carbine's zero with a zero check to ensure optimal accuracy.
    • Gear Up for Efficiency: Learn proper gear placement for quick access and efficient carbine manipulation.
    • Mastering the Sling: Discover techniques for using a sling to enhance stability and control.
    • Reloading Under Pressure: Practice various reloading techniques (emergency, tactical, speed) for seamless magazine changes.
    • Clearing Malfunctions with Confidence: Train to effectively clear common carbine malfunctions and keep your weapon functioning.
    • Ready for Action: Master transitioning between different ready positions for dynamic target acquisition.
    • Engaging Multiple Targets: Develop skills for efficiently engaging multiple targets with accuracy and control.



      • 300 rounds minimum

Carbine III

Master Dynamic Tactics: Carbine 3 - Advanced Movement & Engagement

This advanced course pushes your carbine skills to the limit, focusing on dynamic movement and target engagement.

Prerequisites: Successful completion of Carbine 1 and 2 classes (brief overview provided).

  Building Upon Your Foundation:

  • Safety First: Reinforce safe firearm handling practices through a safety review and range briefing.
  • Skillset Integration: Review and integrate the skillsets acquired in Carbine 1 and 2, ensuring a strong foundation.


Moving & Shooting Dynamics:

    • Cover Utilization: Master the principles of using cover effectively in dynamic situations.
    • Shooting from Cover: Practice engaging targets while utilizing cover for protection.
    • Moving Drills: Develop the ability to move into cover and shoot accurately while maintaining control.
    • Turning & Shooting: Refine your technique for turning corners and engaging targets efficiently.
    • Shoot on the Move: Train to shoot accurately while moving laterally or forward.
    • Handgun Transition: Practice transitioning from carbine to handgun for close-quarter situations, incorporating safe and efficient drawing techniques.


    • 300 rounds minimum
    • Handgun and outside waistband holster

Basic Pistol

Master the Fundamentals: Basic Pistol Course

This comprehensive course equips you with the knowledge and skills for safe and responsible pistol handling.
  • What you'll learn:

    • Safety First: Learn essential firearm safety principles and proper range etiquette.
    • Hands-On Training: Master clearing, loading, and operating a semi-automatic pistol.
    • Malfunction Management: Gain the knowledge to effectively clear common malfunctions.
    • Solid Shooting Techniques: Develop a stable stance, proper grip, and refined sight picture for improved accuracy.
    • Trigger Control Mastery: Learn proper trigger discipline for precise shot placement.
    • Finding Your Perfect Fit: Explore factors to consider when choosing a pistol for your specific needs and physical attributes.
    • Live-Fire Practice: Put your newfound skills to the test under the direct supervision of a qualified instructor in a safe and controlled range environment.

Our Instructors

Mark Tiedemann

Mark T. comes to us with over 30 years of operational experience involving training of firearms, tactics and operations in high-risk environments. Serving in the US Army as a Military Police combat team leader, stationed in Frankfurt, West Germany. He was shift supervisor in the Frankfurt Military Community responsible for law enforcement, Post, General Officer, Chief of Staff security and training of personnel for field operations. Mark retired from the City of Va. Beach Police Dept. serving as a primary small arms instructor, Mobile Tactics Team Leader, SWAT officer, primarily as a Sniper/Counter Sniper. Mark worked with Blackwater (Academi/Constellis) as a Firearms and Tactics Instructor and Armorer Instructor for the Mossberg 500/590 shotguns and AR15 weapon platform. Instruction involving tactics and usage of pistol, carbine, shotgun, Precision Rifle, Critical Incident Response and CQB classes to Individual, local, state and federal agencies, US and allied military units.

Jim Kelley

Jim relocated to Florida after a career in the Boston Police Department. Jim has served as an instructor and instructor-trainer in several varied fields, ranging from 9-1-1 telecommunications to motorcycle operation. He holds several certifications from the NRA and USCCA, and has been nationally recognized for his creativity in developing firearms training for couples. Jim believes that humor is essential to learning, and his students agree, giving him a 5-star rating with USCCA. Before joining Total Impact, Jim was the Director of Training at a major gun retailer in MA, and earned a 5-star rating from the National Shooting Sports Foundation during his tenure. Jim schedules regular classes at Total Impact, and is available for private lessons, as well as consultation for church and home security.

Cathy Kelley

Cathy is a certified NRA and USCCA instructor, and specializes in women's defensive carry. She believes that women face different challenges than men when deciding to carry a firearm, and has trained large and small groups in the science of defensive pistol use. Cathy believes that "finding your why" is essential, when empowering other women. Cathy often teaches couples sessions with husband Jim, and is available for private lessons, firearm fitting, and training for women's groups.

James Music

After whipping up culinary masterpieces for over 30 years, Chef James traded his bustling kitchen for the sunny shores of Florida. His passion for precision, however, didn't fade away. After years of the demanding restaurant life, he craved a change of pace and a connection with the outdoors. Florida's sunshine and vibrant shooting scene provided the perfect backdrop for his next chapter. Now, James utilizes his focus and attention to detail, honed in the kitchen, to guide students in the art of clay shooting. His classes cater to all skill levels, from complete beginners to seasoned shooters looking to refine their technique. Whether it's the thrill of shattering a clay target or the satisfaction of mastering a new skill, James helps his students discover the joy of this exciting sport.

Eric Wilder

Eric is a Retired 22 year veteran of the US Army and Coast Guard. Most of his career was spent as a Helicopter Mechanic and Crewman on OH58, CH47, HH65 and MH60 Helicopters. Career highlights include service as a Unit Armorer in the 101st Airborne Division, Search and Rescue Flight Mechanic/Flight Mechanic Instructor and Precision Marksman for the Coast Guard’s Airborne Use of Force Doctrine. Eric has been an NRA Certified Instructor since soon after his retirement in 2016 with well over 1,000 students to his credit. Prior to moving to Florida in 2021, Eric was the Lead Instructor at Cape Gun Works in Hyannis, MA. His experience and understanding of his students allows him to practice patience in the classroom and on the range and will put you at ease.