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Barnes lrx (long-range x) bullets have been developed to match the advancements in rifle accuracy and extended-range optics.Designed after the ttsx, the lrx is manufactured with a polymer tip for quick expansion, and a copper body featuring a long profile and boattail design for match-grade accuracy at long range with an incredibly high ballistic coefficient and terminal performance that delivers the quick, clean, ethical kills you’ve come to expect from barnes.

Coefficient: .470
Bullet Type: LRX Boat Tail
Bullet Diameter: .284
Weight: 139 GR
Bullet Caliber: 7mm
Bullet Tip Material: Polymer
Sectional Density: 0.246
Oal: 1.384″
Quantity: 50

Weight1.00 oz
Dimensions3.60 × 2.20 × 2.10 in

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